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I have just cut my first batch of soap made with my new molds and cut with my new cutter! Its amazing what a difference it makes when you have the proper equipment. Thank you so much for making such beautiful molds and the cutter....what can I say! I LOVE it!!!


Rosemarie Perry

HillTop Farm & Country Cabin




We just received the log molds we ordered and we want you to know they are best wood molds we've seen (and we have several). They are well designed, sturdy and a joy to look at. We will be making some soaps soon using these molds. You will be hearing from us soon for more of them! Sorry to see you will be selling your business. Hopefully whoever buys the business will keep up the quality! Too many ho hum wood molds out there at very high costs.


Good Luck to you.

Pamela Aossey

Old World Soaps




Dear Susan, Hello, I want to say thank you for the Creekside Soap making kits! I was amazed that I could make such beautiful soaps with your kits. It was the best soap I have ever made! I am a beginner, but when I saw my beautiful soaps, I thought, "I might actually be able to sell these" :-) I will definitely buy more of these molds near future!



Hina Sparks




Hi Susan, I would just like to let you know how pleased I am with the mold and cutter which arrived safely in New Zealand. My first batch is in the mold and I can't wait to be let loose with the cutter - it is going to change my life! Excellent quality and even better service. Much appreciated.






Hi Susan from the Jersey Shore!


I adore that soap log mold and cutter.. man what a difference a clean cut bar of soap makes! I can't cut straight soap to save my life...It's magnificent.. really and truly.. a good, good investment!


Just wanted to tell you how happy I am.... the craftmanship is just delicious! And I'm happy..


Thanks for all your help in the past! Have great, great holidays!


Pat Dumas

Fair Haven at the Jersey Shore






I ordered your soap cutter on Friday, and was delighted to see that it had already arrived when I got home from work today! I made three smallish batches of soap this weekend, and was able to put it to good use right away. It worked perfectly, and I have 30 lovely and uniform bars of soap curing. Some of my friends will lament the loss of my earthy, funky, lopsided soaps, but I think these are BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for your lightening fast service!


Peace and beauty, Bethany

Bethany June Soapworks






Maybe Ive been too busy to notice but I didn't expect my 4lb mold to show up at my door step today. I was pleasently surpised that not only was the shipping super fast but the mold is gorgeous and I can't wait to use it. I just wanted to give you a thousand thank yous! My business is just starting up and had some delays, and your customer service put me back on schedule. When I am able, I plan to order more molds, so again thank you so much!



Andi Sowers

Dragons Bath Company




Creekside soap molds are incredibly well made, durable, easy to use and can take years of constant wear. The molds and cutter¹s  thoughtful construction could only come from people who themselves make soap providing thorough insulation and even bar cuts each and every time.


Investing in these molds is one of the best things I ever did for my small business to help it grow. It helped my system of production and gave me consistent, professional-looking bars every time.

Sturdy design, beautiful workmanship, and friendly customer service: this company has it all!


Jean-Marie Buxton

Miami, FL




I love the 2lb mold and cutter I purchased from you. It came so quickly (and lined too) so I was able to play around with it the next day! I got to use the cutter Sunday night, and found that it works with another loaf mold I have, so  I was esctatic! The mold/cutter are beautiful! As I advance in my soapmaking I will be sure to buy more of your molds. I am already thinking about getting the 3lb and 4lb molds from you guys!


Lisa Chouinard

Feto Soap




Dear Susan,


I finally tried out your soap mold (4 lb) yesterday, and the cutter today. I LOVE IT.  It made my life so much easier, not having to trim all bars to get an even size and weight.  I was pouring into large flat molds with plastic dividers.  If I didn¹t pour to the exact height each time, the bars were always different weights.  Anyway, your cutter and molds will work perfectly for me and my business.


Thank you so much,

Suzette Noti

Path of Thyme





I am totally thrilled with my new molds & cutter.  It has definitely upscaled my look as well as given more portion control.  Just wanted you to know how happy I am with the molds & how much it contributes to a wonderful mindset when you feel you are working with quality tools!


-Linda Morse




I wanted to take a minute to say Thank You for the great service you provided us with. ...after seeing how beautiful our soaps turned out while using your box mold and cutter, we can't image crafting them any other way. Your molds are well crafted, reasonably priced and packaged with great care and super fast shipping! I've never received such great service from an online supplier! We will definitely order again and again!


-Thanks Bunches,

Drew Perez

Salem's Witch Shoppe



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